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Social Emotional Learning

Cooperative Adventures  Team-Building with Mr. Nettell
team tasks

Vallecito collaborates with the "Seeds of Awareness" program to integrate mindfulness strategies into all our classrooms.

Vallecito Life Skills

The Life Skills program provides a set of guidelines central to the core of our social-emotional curriculum.  Because it is used school-wide, (and District-wide), the Life Skills program provides a common language, as well as the consistency needed to help students incorporate them into their own lives, now and in the future.  Each month is highlighted with a different Life Skill. The following are the Life Skills for the 2018-2019 school year.



September - Teamwork

October - Self Awareness

November - Self Management

December - Social Awareness

January - Kindness

February - Relationship Skills

March - Responsible Decisons

April -  Perseverance

May - Problem-Solving

June - Confidence